Termite Management Systems









Termite surveys find that 1 in 3 homes in Australia will be affected by termites at some stage. The damage is greater than caused by fire, storm and flood combined.

An annual Termite Inspection by Enviropest is the safest way to detect, treat and prevent termite activity in new or existing homes!

Why do I need an annual Termite Inspection?

Our Termite Division can identify problems and give you the right advice and tailored solutions on eradication and protection of termites.

Termguard is a total home protection system against the unwanted infestation of termites. Using uniquely designed equipment and formulated Termite Control Agents, 
Termguard delivers a safe and equal distribution of termiticides around your home or building to repel or eradicate any termites.

Granitgard is a physical protection system that prevents termites from entering your home or commercial premises. 
Granitgard uses durable materials to form a tough termite management system that provide a safe and effective alternative to the use of termiticides.

Flick-guard is impregnated with deltamethrin and laminated top and bottom with a rugged plastic membrane. The unique fibre blanket within Flick-guard adds to its durability and effectiveness. The non-woven blend of fibres within Flick-guard, in addition to holding the deltamethrin crystals so they remain ever ready to kill and repel termites, is also structured to prevent termites penetrating.